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We provide consulting services to help you ensure your organization is positioned for success by assessing the current organizational design and practices, advising on areas of improvement aligned with your business and product objectives, and coaching product leaders.

Ideation Session


If you are an early stage startup you may be working on your initial product strategy, initial positioning, validating market opportunity, scoping MVP, or simply having a hard time finding the right product leader to take the load off the founding team.



You may have found your stride but suddenly the context has changed due to growing success.   You are working on scaling your business but your product team is still stuck in superhero mode.   It is time to revisit your product strategy and go-to-market, but there is no time to focus on that and ensure you have a great roadmap for engineering and sales to all be successful.



Sometimes you have all the right product and marketing leadership in place -- but you lack the internal expertise for one time, but critical, tasks.   This could be M&A activity, launching your first user group or executive advisory council, developing product policies, or you lack some additional perspective during discovery processes.

Big Banks


Financial Services is a complex and highly regulated industry.  You don't want to waste time getting consultants up to speed with proper engagement or understanding of the global landscape within the FinTech/RegTech sector.

Service Capabilities

Product Stride is dedicated to providing immediate value and sustainable practices during every engagement.   Please contact us to discuss specific challenges or needs.   We gladly put in the time upfront to ensure there is a good fit to ensure we will meet these high expectations.

Below is a sample of the areas of practice we commonly cover during engagements.

  • Product & Portfolio Strategy
  • Product Positioning: Competitive, Packaging & Pricing, Messaging
  • Product Organization Design & Development
  • Market Intelligence: Competitive, Regulatory, Technology, Product Category
  • Product Tools and Processes: Selection, Conversions, Configuration Design
  • M&A: Product Due Diligence, Post Merger Integration Support
  • Partnerships: Advisory and Process Support related to OEM and Solution partnerships.