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Common Product Organization Problems

Every enterprise software business is different but many face the same challenges in building and growing outstanding product capabilities. Below are some of the symptoms that we frequently encounter.

  • Sales driving product commitments
  • Competing on price rather than value
  • Competing against competitor feature list
  • Higher customer churn than market averages
  • New products fail to sell
  • New features are underused
  • Insufficient trust across the organization
  • Major product initiatives are stalled
  • Frequently late on roadmap deliverables
  • Agile initiatives failing to deliver the expected value
  • High turnover in product, engineering, and design teams

Core Offerings

Developing new solutions to market problems is a very challenging and risky endeavor. Most new products fail to meet business expectations. For incumbents, this is bad news, but since 90% of all startups fail that would otherwise take market-share from them, there is some good news. We all know that ideas are easy and plentiful, it is executing on them and bringing new innovation to market — repeatedly — that is key to long-term business success.

While we believe that hiring the right people is critical to success, it is even more important to design the right organization, processes, and practices for your current business and product maturity. When done well, this type of organization can repeatedly build market winning products, attract, and retain the best talent.

Product Organization Design and Practices Assessment

With consideration of the business objectives, assess the current product organization design and practices in use. Recommend areas to improve alignment with best practices in achieving desired results.

Implementation Support

Provide necessary advisory services and execution support to act on product transformation initiatives.

Competency Development

Evaluate individual competencies for fit within a target operating model and recommend training, coaching, and other approaches to develop a high performing product team.


Support product leadership engaged in transformation initiatives, continuous development, and introducing product management best practices.